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Boutique Catering

I offer small boutique catering that will delight the taste buds of your most discerning guests and relieve much of the stress of party planning.  Together we can plan an amazing menu for you. 

 I do not waver in my commitment to use the highest quality organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients available.  You feel the results with all your senses.   Cooking is my passion and I love creating nourishing food in a warm and personal way that feeds our souls. 

I understand that each party is different and your event will have special requests.

I will work with you to plan a meal that fits your taste and budget.  Pricing varies depending on several factors, including the menu, the size of party and the style of service: make-ahead & drop off, buffet/family-style, tray passing, or sit-down.  

Please leave me the information about what you are looking for to get started on how I can be of service to you.

Personal Chef

I will come to your home and cook up meals that are specific to you and your family.  I will ask some questions about your likes and dislikes in food then I will customize a weekly diet plan.  All you do is come home to the aromas and open your fridge to a variety of foods that are right for you.

Prices are $275 plus the cost of groceries for most of this service.

Here is a sample of options:  Each entrée gets 2 sides.

3 x 2 = 3 entrees of 2 portions w/ 2 sides of vegetable and/or grain/starch 

3 x 4= 3 entrees of 4 portions w/ 2 sides of vegetable and/or grain/starch

My Signature “The Set-up”-  $300 plus the cost of groceries

3 Proteins – 5 Vegetables – 2 Grains/Starch – 1 Large Salad w/dressing & A Soup

Healthy Sweet Snacks Available 

Private Chef

I am open to be hired by the right family.  Full Time or Part Time.  Call Me!